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Easiest way to start Screen Recording on your computer

The simplest method to begin screen recording is by using built-in screen recording features available in most operating systems. Here’s a step-by-step guide for different platforms:

1. Windows:
a) Press the “Windows” key + “G” to open the Game Bar.
b) If prompted, select “Yes, this is a game” to enable the recording features.
c) Click on the “Record” button (a circle within a square) or use the shortcut “Windows” key + “Alt” + “R” to start recording.
d) The recording will begin after a countdown, and a small recording indicator will appear in the top-right corner of your screen.
e) To stop the recording, click on the small recording indicator, or use the shortcut “Windows” key + “Alt” + “R” again.

2. macOS:
a) Press “Command” + “Shift” + “5” to open the built-in screen recording toolbar.
b) A toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen with various recording options.
c) Click on the “Record” button to start recording the entire screen or click and drag to select a specific area to record.
d) Alternatively, you can choose to record a specific window or the entire screen by clicking on the respective options in the toolbar.
e) To stop the recording, click on the “Stop” button in the menu bar or press “Command” + “Control” + “Esc” on your keyboard.

3. Linux:
a) Linux distributions often have different screen recording tools available, such as “SimpleScreenRecorder” or “Kazam”.
b) Install and launch your preferred screen recording software from the package manager or software center.
c) Configure the recording settings, such as choosing the desired window or screen area to record and setting the output format.
d) Start the recording by clicking on the “Record” button or using the specified keyboard shortcut.
e) To stop the recording, either click on the “Stop” button within the recording software or use the designated keyboard shortcut.

4. Bonus: Google Chrome Browser
Search for screen recorder on google. You will find screen recorder on google chrome web store. Install the extension from chrome web store. Now you will find the extension button on right hand top corner. Click it and turn on or off the option you like to record.

By following these straightforward steps, you can easily initiate screen recording on your respective operating system.

Find below YouTube link for Video details:

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